Sunday, March 29, 2009

FINAL Project: (Final Base)




Our group has chosen GRAB N TODDLE robot as our final project. The creation of this project is inspired by Tribot Robot. It has 3-wheels, multipurpose, flexible, and fast and consists of three sensors; ultrasonic, light and sound sensor. This robot will be programmed to follow a line through the light sensor. It will see and detect the ball through ultrasonic sensor. It will grab the ball on its way and bring it to the end of track. Finally, it will stop and drop the ball to the place provided.


The aim of constructing and programming this robot is to apply as many of the provided NXT sensor capabilities. The application of see, light and sound sensor will help the robot to achieve its objective. It is also being created to achieve the given track that has been designed special for the robot.

Statement of Problem

One of the biggest problems in using multi sensor is how it will be able to detect objects. Objects in this context are mean like line, sound and surrounding. On certain situation, sensors are not working properly. So, our group decides to increase the sensor application and fully used it in our robot. The application of sensor in this NXT robot is to minimizes the human presence and increase the robotic system especially in sensing and doing work that have been programmed. Our group has design this robot to see how this multipurpose sensor robot can achieve it objective in the given track.

FiNaL Project ( Base 1)

Theme : Industrial Vehicle
Robot Name : Tribot Alike


  • it can grab objects when it is given command through its Sound Sensor.
  • it will follow black line with its Light Sensor.
  • can see and feel objects with its touch Sensor and Ultrasonic Sensor.
  • the robot is able to grab and bring the object to the end line but it will blur and rotate at the end of the finish line.
  • sometimes Light Sensor failed to properly function detecting the black line.
  • find the mistakes and improved the programming so that the robot will properly operated.
  • lowered the location of Light Sensor so that it will be nearer to the line and easily detect the line.

Theme: Industrial Vehicle

Project (2nd Attempt)

Theme: Industrial Vehicle
Robot Name: Claw Car

Compare to the last attempt for our project, we had decided to do a project based on theme Zoo. However, after some discussion among team members we came to the conclusion to change our theme to Industrial Vehicle, something that more beneficial and attractive.

Actually, our last decision is very limited in its functions. It only can dance and for entertainment purpose only. so, when we choose this theme we find that our robot can do more, have variables functions and beneficial for others.

We generate the ideas for this theme as we looked for the application of Forklift in industrial field which it bring and transfer loads to somewhere else. so, we want our robot to do the same function as forklift.

As analyzing the function of Claw Car is quite similar to the function that we want, so we decided to try out to build Claw Car and see how it is operates.

  • It has motorized claw controlled by hand controller (remote control).
  • Claws will open and close to grab things by using the controller.
  • Able to grab object, hold and drop it somewhere else as required.
  • Need to use controller in most every movements.
Future Solution:
  • Locate some sensors such as Light sensor and Ultrasonic sensor so that the robot will independently detects the objects and do its own movement as programmed.

Any suggestions and comments are welcomed!!!

Theme: Zoo

Project ( 1st Attempt)

Theme: Zoo

Robot Name: Peacock

This week, we are doing our project with the application of NXT LEGO robots. First, our lecturer asks us to choose a theme and create the robot based on the theme that has been chosen.

Our group have chosen a theme that known as "Zoo" and we will construct a robot that has the shape and functional as animals. So, we decide to start constructing and programming by dividing each task to all of our group members.

The interesting things about this peacock that make us chose to try it are it is believe can dance for every mates that it meets, turns and flutters its tail feathers to other its potential mates. So, we are trying to make our peacock to be function as it is.

Theme: Recycle & Lifting

(Class Activity on 17th of February 2009)

Theme : Recycle and Lifting

Robot Name : Evo

This week, we learnt to construct and programme the Lego through our own varies ideas. By doing these, we will understand better the principles of engineering and programming. We also will learn how to design, construct and programme the robots.

Our lecturer has given us a task in order to understand better in the NXT Lego construction and programming. It is the principles of "Recycle" and "Lifting".


The first activity was ‘Recycle' where the robots have to do the same action or the repetition of movement. So, the programmed process is very important in order to do the repetition movement.


The second activity was ‘Lifting' where the robots have the ability to do some jobs such as moving or relocating some object. Our group decides to reinforce the robot accuracy and power in order to do the lifting jobs. Our groups have constructed our robot with the addition of light sensor. It is to sense and lift the object. It has been programmed to sense a ball and relocate the ball to another place.

Theme: Attacking & Defending

Robot Name : Cool Hitter
(Class Activity on 10/2/09)

The design of our robot for the theme of Attacking & Defending was similar to G.O.L.F. design. The reason for chosen this design are because of its stability and arm that it has will be useful to attack the opponents. The stability of this robot came from its lowered structured and three motor used in its construction. We are just modifying the program for this robot to make it suit to the theme.

This robot uses all three motors, two to move it and one to swing its arm. Besides, this robot also used Ultra Sonic Sensor in order to measures distances and detect object in front of it. As it detects the object, it will swing it arm to hit the object and return just like an echo. Based on this application we used it to detect and attack our opponent. Its stability enables "Cool Hitter" to avoid itself from being crumple in its battle.



Heavy and compact design can stand steadily even with extreme force by the opponents. We had measure the weight and our which is one of the lighter designs. We should add any extra accessories to increase the weight even some of them will not be functioning.

Gravity Centre

towering robot design reduce the stability and prone to collapse if the greater force hit on the lower parts of the structures.

Moving Mechanism

Modify the movement system by attaching gears on tiers help to increase the power to 120% instead of maximum 100%. The speed will decreases but it is not considered as much important because power is much important than speed right now.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Theme: Tug of War

(Class Project on last 10/2/09)

Theme : Tug of War

Robot Name: Bumble Bee

It seem simple, unattractive but u won't believe its potential..ahaha..Lets read the story behind it.

This week class session, we are required to produce a robotic based on theme ‘Tug of War'. As considering the theme, we are deciding to build robot based on stability and capability to defend while are being attacking by the opponents.

We had design our robot by using 3 motors, and shape it as a cube to make it more stable. Compare to other team, our robot design is totally different from them. So, we had been laughing by others because our ‘weird' design. They also humiliate our robot. How sad... ~_~

Even though, we are proud with ourselves and we believe that we will prove something for them. As looking for other team, their designs were quite similar to another because their designs are like a mantis and they are using claws to defend themselves and to attack their opponents. They also built their robot as high as possible without considering the stability. So, as they meet their opponent they will collapse and suffering damage. As the result, at the end of every ‘war', they need to repair their robot to meet other opponent. Luckily, we didn't face serious damage and never collapsed in our battle war. So, we win in most of the war..

So, don't judge the book by its cover ...^_^..huhu..lalala... see the video for this week robotic learning session.

At the end of this session, we were realized that to build robot for a theme 'Tug of War' we need to consider a few aspects as:

  • appropriate weight is needed to pull the opponent
  • low centre gravity will make more stable
  • good programming can bring success to robot movement